JDK 8u40 was released. It includes some new JavaFX UI controls like Spinner, Formatted TextFields, and (finally) simple Dialogs.


Tutorial Update


I’ve updated the entire JavaFX 8 Tutorial for JDK8u40. This is what changed:

Here is the commit with all tutorial changes.


Every time someone contacts me, who wants to contribute a translation, I get very excited!

As of today, the JavaFX 8 Tutorial is available in six languages and two are being translated right now! English, Portuguese, Spanish, Chinese, Russian, and Indonesian. French has a partial translation and someone has just sent a pull request today for an Italian translation.

Help Needed for Updating the Translations

The translated tutorials still need an update to reflect the changes described above. So, if you care about one of the languages and would like to help out, let me know.

To see what has changed, you could take a look at this commit. Then, it’s very simple: Just click on the Edit on GitHub link at to top of the page you would like to change and edit it online. If you’re not familiar with GitHub, please read how to contribute.

@codemakery on Twitter

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