How to Contribute

Awesome! You would like to know how to contribute to this website.

This is quite easy and can be done in just 3 simple steps:

1. Open Article on GitHub

Most articles have an Edit on GitHub link like to following example:

Edit on GitHub Link

This link takes you to the article’s source on GitHub. You will need a free GitHub account to be able to edit articles.

When you are logged in you will see the code view:

Code view

2. Edit Article

Now you can make changes to the article. Some quick hints:

  • Every article starts with a TOML front matter. This contains information for the page generator about title, sidebars, etc. You can usually just skip to the first paragraph until you see the three dashes +++. This is where the article starts. (If you want to know more details about the front matter we’re using see the project’s Readme

  • Articles are written in Markdown. Here is a nice Markdown guide if you are not already familiar with it.

  • You should preview an article. The preview is great but it will not be a perfect match of the end result and some things might be missing.

3. Propose File Change

When you’re done editing an article, you can submit your change. Fill out the text field at the bottom with a short description about what you changed. Then click on Propose file change.

Propose file change

What will happen when you click that button:

  1. The project will be forked that means it will be copied into your account.
  2. The change you made to the article will be applied to your own copy.

As a last step, click on Create pull request:

Create Pull Request

After you created the pull request I will receive an email with the change. I can then review the change and accept it. This will automatically include your change to my repository and I can just regenerate the website. Et voilà.

That’s it. Thank you for any contributions you will make.

If you have any questions or would like to suggest a new language or article, please feel free to write comments or drop me an email.