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Drag and Drop without HTML5

I gave up on HTML5 drag and drop! A step I should have made a long time ago. Even though I read some reports of people struggling with it (like the HTML5 drag and drop disaster article) I thought I could takle it and make it work for the most...

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Web und Mobile Apps Programmieren mit Dart

Der folgende Artikel ist erschienen an der INFOS 2013 (GI-Fachtagung Informatik und Schule) in Kiel. Artikel als PDF Workshop Präsentation Abstract Bisher war es kaum realistisch,...

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Programming with Dart

The last few months I have been programming with Google's new Dart language. I'm very excited about how great it is to work with Dart! Currently, I'm using Dart for the web client of a project called doxblox (site is only in German at the moment). After a while I found...

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Introduction to Programming with Kara

Kara offers a playful introduction to fundamental concepts of programming. Kara is a ladybug that lives in a simple world with trees, leafs and mushrooms. The rules of Kara's world are simple: Actions Kara can move around with move() (Kara can push a mushroom, can step on leafs but can't...

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