Dart HTML5 Drag and Drop

Note: This library is not maintained any more. It was replaced by Dart Drag and Drop.

I've given up on HTML5 Drag and Drop (and you should too)! You can read the details about why I decided against HTML5 Drag and Drop.

The Dart HTML5 Drag and Drop library was created to use HTML5 Drag and Drop in a consistend way across all modern browsers.

The result wasn’t all too bad and it did actually work quite well. I received feedback of people using it, some created issues and some even contributed bug fixes (see source on GitHub).

But there were some problems that just couldn’t be solved. And with all the strange and changing browser quirks it was just a pain to maintain.

So I decided to give up and start from scratch without HTML5.

I’ve created a new Dart drag and drop library - just without the HTML5 - and it’s much better!