I really love to program because I can be creative and make new things out of nothing. All I need is a computer and I can start creating programs and easily share my work with other people. There are not a lot of professions in our world today that allow this kind of creativity.

My feeling is that when we prepare a program, it can be like composing poetry or music.

Donald Knuth — Computer Programming as an Art

I believe there are many more people who would enjoy this kind of work than are actually doing it. This might be because it seems quite hard to get started with. That’s why I think a lot about how to make it as smooth as possible for a beginner to get started and have fun with programming. And yes, it’s ok if you’ll still don’t like it, but let’s get some obstacles out of the way and try.

About This Blog

In this blog I will write about some tools and resources that I think are helpful for teaching/learning computer science. Maybe I will decide to write about some other educational toppics as well - we’ll see.