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Why the Move?

When I started blogging in 2012 I thought this would be a blog about educational things. That’s why I called it The posts and tutorials I originally wrote for my students turned out to be useful for a much broader audience. (I’ve been getting some good traffic, averaging around 700 visits per day.) Soon the blog became a website not just about educational matters but about programming material in general.

So I decided to move to a new subdomain that expresses what the website is about: code


At the same time I made a complete redesign and separated the rather large tutorials from the blog (containing shorter posts). I changed the technology from Octopress to is awesome. If you’re thinking about creating a static website or blog, you should definitely check out!

Expect More Tutorials

I plan to update the JavaFX 2 tutorials for JavaFX 8 (which is quite some work if done well). And I hope to write more about Dart in the future, we’ll see.

Stay in Touch

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