Path Web App Development

Learn to code dynamic web applications using HTML, CSS, and Dart.

Getting started with HTML & CSS

You will need a basic understanding of HTML and CSS to create Web Applications. The HTML & CSS Tutorial provides a good introduction if you're new to the web.


Course to learn HTML & CSS for beginners.

7 Parts

Optional: More HTML & CSS is a collection of topics around HTML and CSS. They are helpful but not necessary to continue with Dart programming below.


A collection of various topics around HTML & CSS.

7 Parts

Getting started with Dart Programming

If you're new to programming I recommend you start with the Hello Dart course. If you're already fluent in another programming language you could just skim through.

Hello Dart: Introduction to Programming

Hello Dart is a visual and playful introduction to programming with Dart.

5 Parts

Dart Web App

The Dart Kanban tutorial connects the two worlds of HTML/CSS and Dart. It is well suited for learning how to create an interactive Dart web application from scratch.

This tutorial is currently only available in German.

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Dart Kanban: Build your Task Manager

Tutorial about how to build a Kanban-Style Todo Board with Dart.
Note: This course is currently only available in German.

5 Parts