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JavaFX 8 Date Picker

Finally, with JavaFX 8 a DatePicker control was added (for JavaFX 2 we had to create our own)! The DatePicker works well in combination with the new Java 8 Date and Time API. Those two things together provide a much better experience when working with dates in Java! Basic Usage Using the...

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JavaFX 8 Dialogs

Deprecated! Please read the → Article about the official JavaFX Dialogs! With JDK version 8u40, the Dialogs were finally included in the official JavaFX. This means that the ControlsFX Dialogs described in this post will be deprecated! ...

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Moving to

This blog moved from to Please update your links and RSS feeds to Or even better: Sign up to receive updates by email Why the Move? When I started blogging in 2012 I thought this would be a blog about educational things. That's why I called it The posts and...

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Web und Mobile Apps Programmieren mit Dart

Der folgende Artikel ist erschienen an der INFOS 2013 (GI-Fachtagung Informatik und Schule) in Kiel. Artikel als PDF Workshop Präsentation Abstract Bisher war es kaum realistisch,...

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Programming with Dart

The last few months I have been programming with Google's new Dart language. I'm very excited about how great it is to work with Dart! Currently, I'm using Dart for the web client of a project called doxblox (site is only in German at the moment). After a while I found...

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